Jen takes speaking engagements as her calendar allows. She likes to make clear that she is not an “inspirational speaker”  —  she's a teacher who helps women see and apply truth from Scripture. You might want to listen to some of her audio to get a feel for her style.

  • Retreats/conferences: Jen is generally unable to accept requests that require two nights away. Direct flights between DFW airport and your event location play a major factor in her ability to accept a request. Please note she is doing fewer three-session commitments than in the past, and a one-session commitment is preferred (see below).

  • One-session requests: A one-session event on a Thursday evening, Friday evening, or Saturday morning is easier for Jen to commit to than a three-session event.

  • Midweek requests: Due to her work schedule, Jen is rarely able to travel for speaking engagements that fall Sunday-Wednesday.

If you'd like to request that Jen come speak to your group, please fill out the speaker request form below:

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Please note: Jen's speaking calendar is full through December 2020

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